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What is a Home Loan? 
Home Loan is a Secured Loan offered against the security of a house / property which is funded by a loan from the bank, was the home a personal or commercial property. The home equity loan is a loan issued by a borrower from the bank loan to the property / security intended to be purchased by the borrower giving the banker a conditional ownership of the property that is not where the borrower managed to pay back the loan, the banker can retrieve by selling the property. borrowed money 
What is the process? 
You will need to submit. The application form and necessary documents The bank, after crossing your request will evaluate where to set necessary questions and tell you if informally loan amount that you qualify for and the terms and conditions of the same and reinforce their decision to you. 
What is the right time to ask for a home loan? 
You can request for a home loan at any time. You can register after you have decided to acquire / build a house, and even in those cases, the property has not been selected or the construction has not yet started, you can always ask. You can also use Home Loan facility if you want to remodel or expand your home. 
How is my eligibility calculate bank? 
Your home loan eligibility is determined by your ability to repay, taking into account factors such as: Your: 
income husband 
Family members who earn 
Number of dependents 
Stability and continuity of occupation 
Active / Passive 
The history of the savings. 
The largest banks in determining your loan eligibility concern is that if you are not satisfied or are able to repay. The amount you borrow 
Can I know the type of home loan? 
This is a series of home loans available: 
Home Loan 
Residential Loans for the purchase of 
to buy a new home. 
Home Improvement Loans 
for carrying out repairs / renovations in a home that you've already purchased. 
housing loans 
to build a new home. 
Home Loans Extension 
expansion / extension of an existing home. 
land acquisition loans 
for the purchase of land for residential / investment. 
Home Loans Conversion 
for those who have financed the present home with a mortgage and wishes to purchase / move to another for that extra finance needed. In Home Loan conversion, the existing loan transferred to the new home including the extra amount required, eliminating the need for pre-payment of the previous loan. 
Balance Transfer Home Loan / topping 
helps you use an existing home loan and avail the option of a loan with a lower interest rate. 
Bridge Loans 
for people who wish to sell the existing house and buy another. This loan helps you finance the new home until you have a buyer for your old home. 
refinance Loans 
you can blame that you have created from private sources such as family / friends to pay for the purchase of your current home back. 
Stamp Duty Loans 
is sanctioned to pay to pay. upon purchase of the property by the amount of stamp duty 
Home Loans for NRI 
building / buying a house in India. EMI is due until the loan is paid in full. It consists of a portion of the interest and principal. 
It takes many days? 
It takes about two weeks for processing of the request of one or all the necessary documents are in order and takes another week for the bank to inspect documents and paying the property. 
Documentation home loan 
Each bank has its own list of home loan documents to be submitted. At the time of application The common documents that the banks require prior approval: 
• passport photo. 
• Proof of age. 
• Copies of certificates Bank A / C for the last 6 months. 
• A copy of the last statement of the credit card. 
• Signature verification from your banker. 
If you are self-employed you will need: 
• Your company history. 
• Copy of audited for the last two years of the financial statements. 
If you are employed, you must 
• salary certificate and TDS 
• Latest payslip. 
• Letter from the employer. 
And payout stage (for property already located), you need the following documents: 
• application forms. 
• copies of title deeds. 
• Certificate pledged. 
• Agreement to sell. 
For self-construction: 
• Approved plans and certificates along with estimates.



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